Welcome to my world POTAPOFF! Colorful World Teddy. Unique toys with good inside!

Hello! I am glad to welcome you in my little world!
My name is Julia Potapova, I am a master from the city of Moscow (Russia). Since childhood, I was in the world of creativity, and five years ago I got acquainted with the Teddy technique, and bears conquered me forever! All my Teddy are performed with love under the brand Potapoff in a single copy and therefore are unique. In the creation of works using only professional and high quality materials, each stitch is done manually, with a guarantee of 100% quality! A new bear receives its name, a company tag, a passport and is packaged in a gift box.
В I hope that my Teddy will interest you and find their new homes. To each work I add love, warm feelings, to share with you through my kids)).
Many of my toys live in different countries: USA, England, Germany, New Zealand, France, Spain, Poland and Russia, etc.
If you are interested in some characters from my store, or you have questions, please ask me, I will try to help you.
Thank you for visiting POTAPOFF!

Welcome to my world!

My email address is: ylia517@mail.ru
My Instagram account: teddy.happiness